So impressed with both Wendy and Katy! Knowledgeable, practical, joyous, skilled, dog-friendly.
– Joanne Meister

It was a pleasure to meet you both. Kitties seemed to agree😹😼😻
– Diane Reynolds

“Thank you so much for explaining everything and being so compassionate. I did not feel rushed to say my final goodbye and I know that you will continue to care for her with dignity. Thank you so much.”
– Michelle Deck

“You gals had a great deal of patience and were super attentive to my calico needs thanks a bunch!”
– Sandra Siguenza

“Great people. Great Concept. Love them…Doc and assistant!.”
– Raymond Kelly

“You are and always will be our friends as well as our pet doctor. We hope to have the same relationship with you as we did with Dr. Sue.”

– Chuck and Gail Schofield

“Such a relief to have a competent, open, communicative compassionate and loving Dr Koppel and Karen To look after our critters!”
– Coleen Rimer

“It was a pleasure to meet you both. Kitties seemed to agree😹😼😻”
– Diane Reynolds

“I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Wendy and her assistant Katy. I recently had my first cat get very ill and need emergency care. I had taken her into Petco about 6 months earlier to get her annual shots and the vet said she wouldn’t give them to her because she was too old and looked to sick and she may not survive them. Knowing this I had a feeling that her next vet visit would be one to euthanize her because she was now blind and severely underweight.

Her health took a turn for the worse so I knew I needed to call the doctor. I didn’t want to take her to her normal vet because I didn’t want her last memory to be one of fear or discomfort. So I looked into mobile vets and found Oregon Mobile Cat Care. Katy scheduled me the following Monday since I called on a Friday and was so caring over the phone. Wendy and Katy showed up and came to my bedroom and didn’t rush me. They both sat on the floor and listened to me blubber about my sweet memories of my baby Spice and how much I loved her. They waited until I was ready and then they gave her a sedative and let me hold her for another few minutes and then I gave them the okay to give her the final shot.

They were so sensitive to my emotions, even Katy was in tears. Wendy gently put my cat’s corpse into a carrier and took her to a cremation parlor and then brought the ashes back when they were ready. The price was cheaper (just under $300 which included the cremation) this way than if I had taken her in and they even sent a sympathy card weeks later. For what a crappy experience it was to lose my beloved pet, the ladies at Oregon’s Mobile Pet Care definitely made it much better than what it could have been.”
– Carlie L.